What type of jewelry do you offer?

At Südara Jewelry, we offer bold, luxurious and timeless Demi-fine jewelry that is designed to last. Our jewelry is 14k and 18k gold vermeil, gold-filled, and gold plated. 

What is gold-filled jewelry?

Gold-filled jewelry is jewelry composed of a solid layer of gold heat bonded to sterling silver or another metal. Gold-filled jewelry lasts longer than gold plated jewelry because it stands up to wear and tear. 

Gold filled jewelry is an affordable alternative to solid-gold jewelry as it can last 5 or more years with proper care.

What is gold vermeil jewelry?

Gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is sterling silver that has been gold plated.  Gold vermeil jewelry features a thick layer of gold plating (2.5 microns of gold or more). Gold vermeil jewelry can last 2 or more years with proper care.

When will my order ship?

Please allow 3-5  business days (excludes holidays) for order processing and 5-7 days for your shipment to arrive. Shipping times may vary due to the availability of merchandise and shipment carrier delays. 

I did not receive my order confirmation email. What should I do?

An order confirmation email is system generated and automatically sent out once your order is approved. If you did not receive your email, please check your spam folder or contact customer service and we will forward a copy of your order confirmation to your confirmed email address.

How much does shipping cost?

We currently offer free USPS shipping on all orders over $75 within the United States!

Do you ship internationally?

We currently offer international shipping to Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and the UK. All international packages are shipped via USPS International and can take up to 7 -14 days to arrive.

All international packages are subject to duties and taxes. These rates are determined by the receiving government. Customers are responsible for paying import taxes.

Why was my order declined?

Orders can be declined for multiple reasons. If the card used is expired or the billing information is incorrect,  the system will not authorize the order. When placing your order, please check to make sure all details have been entered completely and correctly and correspond to the card being used.